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There is an evil practice among the Arabs called “Mufakhazat Alzigaar”, loosely translated as the thighing of children. There is no proper English translation for this practice, simply because it is not a Western norm. Thigh is the part in humans between the hip and the knee. The nearest evil practice to thighing in English would probably be child-molesting. However, thighing is infinitely more evil than child-molesting. It is done by an adult man to a female child, with the sanction of religion. Now let us see how it is practiced on a female child and who began that evil practice. According to an official Fatwa issued in Saudi Arabia the prophet Muhammad began to practice thighing on his child-bride, A’isha when she was six years old until she reached nine years (Fatwa No.31409). The hadith which we quoted earlier mentioned that the prophet Muhammad started having real sex with A’isha ONLY when she reached the age of nine. Therefore, Muslim scholars collectively agree, by virtue of divine example, a child becomes an adult, available for sexual intercourse as soon as she reaches the age of nine. Likewise, the Shari’a allows any faithful to marry a six-year-old child.

According to the fatwa, the prophet Muhammad could not have sex with his fiancée, A’isha when she was six due to her small size and age. However, the fatwa said that at age six, he would put his penis between her thighs and rub it gently because he did not want to harm her. Imagine a man of fifty-one removing the clothes of a sex year old girl and slipping his erect penis between her thighs, rubbing until he ejaculated on her thighs. To this day, this is considered a benevolent act and is all about the adult “not wanting to harm her.” How much more harm can a grown up man inflect do to a female child than showing her his penis and stripping her clothes and rubbing his male organ between her thighs? Of course, the twisted mind who would do such an evil to a female child would not hesitate to ejaculate on her body. Moreover, if the person was such a sexually pervert pedophile he would not stop at ejaculating on her thighs, but he would probably go ahead  and rape the child before she become an adult and is exactly what Muhammad had done to A’isha. Let us see what the fatwa said about the prophet Muhammad and his child-bride, A’isha...

Thighing of children is practiced in many Arab and Muslim countries, notably in Saudi Arabia and Yemen and Gulf countries. Those countries are notoriously known for that evil practice. It is very common to see a man of seventy or eighty years of age marrying a child of eight or ten. Recently an eighty-year-old Saudi man married a ten-year-old girl. On the wedding night, the child’s privates hemorrhaged so
badly until they had to take her to the hospital. Another recent case was of a Yemeni man who raped his child-bride until she died. Those were just a handful of the thousands of rapes that take place each year on the pretense of marriage.

Sheikh Hamadan intended to marry the child of the Indian maidservant and practice thighing on her until she reached the age of nine. At this time, Iffat was almost eight. She was seven years and eleven months old. She didn’t even know what sex was. When she saw her mother stripped naked by the two policemen she thought they were killing her. When the Saudi policeman took her out of the car and showed her his male organ and tried to force her to hold it in her hand she did not have an inkling about what he was trying to do to her mother. What she did know was that it was wrong to show your privates in public, and she resisted his attempts to fellate him. As it turns out, the sacrifice of a mother offering herself to the two policemen prevented Iffat’s rape. Alas, her mother was unjustly incarcerated and Iffat lost her one and only guardian with no one to protect her from the evil man, Sheikh Hamadan.

A quotation from my new book, "The Child-Bride and the Old Man of Arabia".

A volunteer proofreader, Darlene Karnz Enderby wrote, I "just love" reading this book!! Its hard to put down!! So "very" interesting....

Another volunteer proof-reader, “You surely have utilized the gifts and talents God gave you with your impeccable writing and creative style.The pages of the chapters that you sent me reveal your vast knowledge of Islam and the Koranically and Islamic scholarly sanctioned evils therein. You captured the essence of genuine Islam, which is without a doubt pure evil, as you reflected it's devastation on the tormented lives of very young girls who are today sexually, physically, and mentally abused by Islam's adherents, Muslims. All people of the West would benefit greatly if they read it. Quoting directly from the Koran and from Islamic scholars gave all the more validity to the fact that Islam is, again I say, pure evil. I suspect many people will find this book a good investment of time.” K. M. K.

Another volunteer proofreader wrote, “This is fascinating reading! You are a terrific writer, by the way. This is truly an honour” Warmly, Nancy.

Anthony Davar Thank you Dr Ahmed. As an Islamic scholar, you help a lot of Muslims & non-Muslims to learn the truth about Islam and a better truth in Christ Jesus according to ALL the Holy Prophets!

Seth BullockThis story must be repeated and repeated over and over again. It must be sent to all Governments in the Free World. Please join in to do so.”


Darlene Karnz Enderby As one of the "many" proofreaders (on the 1st run); I just want to say how much I love this book! Can't wait till it’s in print!! Want to order one right away! (Maybe even 2, to share with others!). God Bless you Dr. Thomas!!

To everyone interested. I have brutalities written the above quoted book on Social Injustice and Abuse of Female-children and Women. It is titled "The Child Bride and the Old Man of Arabia". I am looking for volunteers to proofread it. It is 832 pages. However, it is interesting to read and very informative. Each volunteer will have to choose to proofread 25 or 50 pages. The book and its contents should remain confidential and not to be shared or passed to anyone.

If you are interested to help, please send to me your email

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  1. There is a word for this practice. It is 'frottage'. Of course not carried out on children.

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  2. The volunteer proofreaders need proofreaders for when they are finished proofreading.

  3. Calling Muslims animals would be an insult to animals.

  4. What muslims should do is, REPENT in saccloth and ashes

  5. I have seen perverts living in America on facebook talking about this procedure. Many adult men fantasize on children. Some would even talk about putting there penis head only in the vagina so not to harm the girl. Problem is in Yemen and Saudi Arabia it is not against the law for adult men to harm female children! Please remember Israel and especially America caters to Saudi Arabia.